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Lima Floral
Covent Garden

Lima Floral has been open 12 days when I visit and it's awkward. We have to climb up to a reception lectern that dominates an over-large embarkation area. Staff busily flit in and out, brittle worker bees.


Sip Champagne or leisurely chew on delicate morsels while suspended 100ft above Canary Wharf this summer as London In The Sky arrives.



I have the unnecessary luxury of a car in London. My little blue Clio sits patiently behind my flat, hopeful each day that it will be the chosen conveyance rather than rails and the DLR's robot trains.



The Dock Seafood Restaurant
Isle of Dogs

Shortly after it opened last year I hailed The Dock as being the most exciting restaurant in this corner of east London.



★ Drink | Try Spiru-Tein's guilt-free cocoa

Could a mug of hot chocolate topped with creamy marshmallows be good for you? Nature's Plus - a brand that specialises in natural health supplements - says so, with the release of its Spiru-Tein Hot Cocoa sprinkled with the sweet treats.