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By Laura Williams

Tired of making unrealistic promises only to find that the juicer's gathering dust and the Creme Egg ads are making you salivate?

It's time for a re-think. I've taken the top traditional New Year's resolutions and turned them into do-able, effective versions for you:


Developing a taste for veganism has inspired Carli Wheatley on a mission to make Wharfers more aware of the food they eat.

laura new142.jpg

The Wharf's Fitness Columnist Laura Williams tells us how to get the look of Star Trek's Zoe Saldana through a balance between personal training sessions and a healthy diet.

The Star Trek beauty has gruelling personal training sessions several times a week.

FoodOwl.JPGHarnessing the healing powers of good food is fundamental to good health, nutritional therapist Lucy Grainge tells me as I arrive at her Cannon Workshops clinic.

Grainge, aka The Food Owl, is keen to help Wharfers ditch wilted sandwiches, scoffed in front of a mountain of emails for more nutritious options that aim to alleviate stress, fatigue and digestive problems.

Fitness by Laura Williams

By Louisa Emery on July 25, 2011 2:06 PM |

Get the look: Russell Crowe

As Russell Crowe is confirmed to be joining the cast of latest Superman flick, Man Of Steel, he's thrown himself into a high-energy exercise regime.