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Where to get gluten free food around Canary Wharf

By Rachel Bishop on February 25, 2015 5:00 PM |

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The UK gluten-free market is forecast to grow to £561million by 2017, which means more options for people who suffer with the intolerance.


Gluten free baker Adriana Rabinovich - who was inspired to create The Gluten Free Cookbook for Kids after her daughter was diagnosed with Coeliac disease - shares her top baking tips.

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By Laura Williams

Tired of making unrealistic promises only to find that the juicer's gathering dust and the Creme Egg ads are making you salivate?

It's time for a re-think. I've taken the top traditional New Year's resolutions and turned them into do-able, effective versions for you:


Developing a taste for veganism has inspired Carli Wheatley on a mission to make Wharfers more aware of the food they eat.

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The Wharf's Fitness Columnist Laura Williams tells us how to get the look of Star Trek's Zoe Saldana through a balance between personal training sessions and a healthy diet.

The Star Trek beauty has gruelling personal training sessions several times a week.