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aa-nov25-Golds142WEBBY.jpgBy Peter Golds

The most recent Tower Hamlets Council meeting was held on the same day as the Chancellor's Autumn Statement.

At a time of financial crisis, a local council meeting can appear parochial, but that is the reason for its existence.

Jim Fitzpatrick142WEB.jpgTower Hamlets politicians have condemned the violence that has occurred across the borough in the last 24 hours.

Labour MP for Poplar and Limehouse Jim Fitzpatrick and Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman have both promised that everything is being done to try and safeguard people and property in the area from rioters.

By Peter Golds


Six days after Tower Hamlets' tumultuous first ever mayoral election, the council assembled to start work.

Under the new system the mayor has enormous personal powers and it is the duty of the 51 councillors to scrutinise his decisions and invite the him to reconsider if necessary.

The people of Tower Hamlets have decided they do want to have a directly elected mayor running the borough.

In a referendum on Thursday, residents voted 60,758 to 39,857 in favour of the change to the way Tower Hamlets Council is run.