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People are fed up living in a divided borough and are deeply concerned by a lack of public services.

That's what the mayoral candidates for Tower Hamlets say they are hearing on doorsteps a month before election day.


Political mud packed with accusations of waste and racism are flying all over Tower Hamlets.

Rather than join the frenzy ahead of this May's vote for ownership of the borough, Chris Wilford is talking potholes.


The Conservative Party in Tower Hamlets has selected Chris Wilford as its candidate for mayor.

The announcement came as the party announced pothole repairs and cleaner streets were two key issues it's campaigning on to win votes in May's election.


The sale of Old Poplar Town Hall is under investigation after Tower Hamlets councillors claimed a cut-price deal had cost taxpayers millions.

The building was sold as office for £867,000 - little more than a terraced house nearby - and its value was further increased when developers were given clearance to become a hotel - a decision made without the scrutiny of elected councillors.

By Peter Golds

aa-nov25-Golds142WEBBY.jpgFew democratic politicians define an era. Margaret Thatcher did.

From her entry into parliament she never lost any election in any capacity that she contested.

She was the longest serving British Prime Minister of the 20th century.