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★ Drink Spy | Bespoke Beverages

■ What price is the finest coffee?

Well, Bespoke Beverages charges £31,000 per kg (About £300 a cup) for its top brand, KL Diamond, which it describes as "the most exclusive" on the market.



Cinnamon Kitchen
The City

This place, nestled away towards the back of one of those odd covered galleria spaces architects thought would be essential in the early noughties, looks and feels like a typical City money pump.

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Adding a sprinkle of spice to your festive fare could inspire a Christmas dinner to remember.

But if you're a little apprehensive about stepping away from the security of sage and onion stuffing and boozy Christmas puds in favour of a family dinner with a twist, chef Vivek Singh is on hand to take you through the basics.