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1 See the stars at the Sundance Film Festival

A three day spectacular celebrating music and film at The O2 takes place next weekend. It's a micro-version of Sundance in America for cinema buffs.

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Easter doesn't have to mean devouring one egg after another without pause for breath, writes Laura Williams. Why not try these non-edible activities to offset those pesky calories?


On the way home, spilling from a rubbish bin, a box of chocolates. Not any old box of chocolates strewn across the paving slabs but truffles, wrapped in silver foil. Hotel Chocolat or similar.

I thought: there's a drama right there. Throwing out good chocolates. I surmised only two good reasons for throwing out good chocolates - the cat, neglected over Christmas, had taken to malevolent micturition, or, more likely, a giant New Year symbolic act.

Plateau - Chocolate Week Tasting Menu

Plateau's Allan Pickett serves up a special menu that proves to be dark and lovely, and not a deep fried Mars Bar to be seen.


Bring out your inner chocolatier at this tempting gourmet chocolate shop.

Launched in April, The Rabot Estate at Borough Market is a chocoholic's paradise, selling indulgent treats that would put Willy Wonka to shame.