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National Vegetarian Week is in full swing and we've put together a selection of interview snippets, recipes and lovely legume-based treats and restaurants to try from east London and beyond.

First up, our review of Barbican veggie eatery, Amico Bio.


Fresh from manning the kitchens of boutique hotels and restaurants across the globe, Quinton Bennett has turned up on the shores of the Thames.

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Chef Markus Pieterse really does go out of the frying pan and into the fire.

Because when he's not cooking up a storm in his Soho restaurant, the 26-year-old from Surrey Quays prepares for the latest endurance-sports craze to sweep Britain - spartan racing.

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Adding a sprinkle of spice to your festive fare could inspire a Christmas dinner to remember.

But if you're a little apprehensive about stepping away from the security of sage and onion stuffing and boozy Christmas puds in favour of a family dinner with a twist, chef Vivek Singh is on hand to take you through the basics.

IanMckellenWEEEEBBY.jpg"I heard one of those tourist boats going past one day say, 'on the left hand side is the pub where Charles Dickens wrote some of his famous plays and that house on the left, painted pink, that belongs to Julian Clary. Well, one queen's much like another for them I suppose.They've gone back to saying that's Gandalf's house now. I wish they wouldn't, but what can you do?"

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