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A new vision and brand mark was today unveiled to symbolise the "next chapter" in Canary Wharf Group's 27-year history.


The first brands set to create a retail and leisure destination at Canary Wharf's Crossrail station have been revealed.


A retail milestone was ticked off Canary Wharf Group's shopping list on Friday as E14 celebrated a new tier of Jubilee Place Mall opening for business.

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With just five months to go until Canary Wharf's new-look Jubilee Place Mall is unveiled, shoppers have been given a glimpse of the retail offerings to come.

Canary Wharf Group has now announced nine of the 25 brands set to call the shopping centre home from November, in a project which has created an extra 44,000 sq ft of retail space on the estate.

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As you're busily snapping up New Year essentials in Jubilee Place, take time from your shopping spree to glance around at your surroundings.

For the tell-tale signs of an impending retail transformation are already starting to show, ensuring that winter shopping in the mall will never be the same again.

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