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A gallery of song has been unveiled at The O2 which will link up with Stuart Maconie's Radio Two show.

The People's Songs Gallery opens today, Tuesday, at The British Music Experience.

hendrix wolman.jpgJimi Hendrix, Noel Gallagher and Paul McCartney are just some of the stars featured in a new photography exhibition at the British Music Experience.

The O2 attraction is showcasing the guitarists in the Gibson Through The Lens, celebrating the work of some of the world's best rock photographers with more than 60 fine art prints of rock legends.

aa-Floyd-copyrightTonyCollins.jpgRoger Waters might be wowing the crowds at The O2 with his spectacular live show of The Wall but Pink Floyd fans have the chance for a more contemplative experience.

To mark Waters run at the arena, the British Music Experience is exhibiting a series of photographs of the band spanning their entire career from the 1960s to 2005's Live 8.

dd-mar31-kemp142.jpgTo say that Gary Kemp has led an interesting life would be an understatement.

From a working class background in north London, he moved from being a child actor to one of the leading lights of the New Romantic movement, before returning to his acting roots. And along the way he's built up a formidable collection of entertaining anecdotes.

dd-feb10-hendrix142.jpgAs musical icons go Jimi Hendrix is up there with the greatest - and this picture went a long way to creating that image.

The picture of the legendary guitarist was taken in 1967 by Gered Mankowitz, and as far as the photographer is concerned it captures Hendrix's essence as he was on the cusp of huge success.