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In life you're either an Angelina fan or a Jennifer one. There's no way the jury's out when it comes to deciding which team you're on.

I, for one, have always been firmly rooted in the Angie camp, preferring her breathtaking beauty over Jen's pretty-girl-next-door looks and her air of mystique over her rival's safe style.


Killing Them Softly
(18) 97mins

Andrew Dominik's impressively slow-burn tale of Mob retribution gives room and rope for the sleazeball characters to go hang themselves.

punch142.jpgA little local knowledge can go a long way and in the case of film director Eran Creevy it's helped him edge out Hollywood A-lister Brad Pitt.

Creevy, who lives on the Isle of Dogs, shot his latest film, Welcome To The Punch, in and around Canary Wharf last year. He revealed his local connections meant he got the nod ahead of Pitt when it came to using the Wharf as a location.

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