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George Monbiot

"Shifting baseline syndrome" is a curse of the re-wilding movement, one of a list of foes that also includes sheep, Scottish landowners and stupid EU diktats.


The Farm
Tom Rob Smith (Simon & Schuster)

Tom Rob Smith's contribution to the Scandi noir canon is born of authenticity. His mother was Swedish although not, one presumes, the model for Tilde who turns up on his son's London doorstep one day with a story straight from the dark heart of that troll-ridden country.


David And Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits And The Art Of Battling Giants
Malcolm Gladwell (Allen Lane)

David and Goliath. Great story. That David. Beat the odds. didn't he. with his sling and stuff against the big bruiser Goliath. Every loser wins, as TV's Nick Berry once said.

That's not how it was.

Doink! You what?


Brick By Brick
David Robertson
(Random House)

Once Lego was just a box of bricks. Wildly popular once but its fading fortunes took the company to the brink of collapse.

Tom Holt (Orbit)

Tom Holt is better than this. He is the master of the comic conceit played out with outrageous daring and with memorable characters.

The Wharf The Wharf

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