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Hundreds of fans of comic Kevin Bridges visited the Glaswegian at his book signing today (October 16).


Scottish comedian Kevin Bridges will be signing new copies of his book in Waterstones, Jubilee Place, on Thursday (October 16).


Since the release of his autobiography, Kevin Pietersen's faced some feisty feedback from figures in the sporting world.


The Sense Of Style
Steven Pinker (Allen Lane)

Steven Pinker is an dazzling thinker, an excellent writer and a brilliant matchmaker of the two - marrying complex ideas to simple English.

This has not happened by chance. He has studied hard to make his writing appear easy and now wishes to share his learning.


Scarcity: Why Having Too Little Means So Much
Sendhil Mullainathan and Eldar Shafir (Penguin)

The authors have a "big idea", another in the newly popular field of behavioural economics. The nudgers and freaks are joined by the lackies - those who live with scarcity.

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