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aa-jul7-parakeet3.jpgCampaigners trying to save a colony of monk parakeets on the Isle of Dogs are celebrating victory after Tower Hamlets Council agreed to stop all culling activity in the borough.

The Department for Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) had instigated a policy to remove the birds from Millwall Park and surrounding streets, claiming their large nests posed a threat to infrastucture.

aa-jul7-parakeet3.jpgA battle has broken out over the controversial culling of monk parakeets on the Isle of Dogs.

Fourteen adult birds and a number of eggs were removed from Millwall Park last month, prompting Islanders to launch a campaign to stop the cull, claiming they are feathered friends not parrot pests.


A rare British bird has been spotted roosting in the reedbeds of the Lee Valley.

Birdwatchers caught a glimpse of a pair of bitterns during an annual spotting event in the Lee Valley Regional Park. The bird is known to roost in the area during the winter months.


A PIN-CUSHION of gleaming towers may not seem like an ideal home for wildlife.

But birds, insects and even mammals are increasingly joining bankers and builders in making a home in the Wharf.