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By Giles Broadbent

For those who observe Tower Hamlets Council closely or - for health and safety reasons - at arm's length, Monday's Panorama would have contained just the one shock amid the welter allegations of mismanagement, cronyism and self-promotion.

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The Communities Secretary said he will look into claims due to be made in a BBC documentary on Monday night about the Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman.

It comes as the controversial council chief accused the television group of "racism and Islamophobia" over the programme.



Evan Davis' Mind the Gap continues tonight on the BBC looking at how London compares with the other great cities of the UK. But to what extent is it really soaring ahead?

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One is a tale of rogues blasting rival gangs in violent street brawls and the other is Sons Of Anarchy. What are the other themes the two programmes got in common.



By Giles Broadbent

Go to the Tuberculosis page on the NHS "Choices" website and read the reassuring list of treatments available.

With early diagnosis, the right combination of drugs and aggressive treatment the disease is curable.