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The Agony And Ecstasy Of Steve Jobs
Waterloo East Theatre

An interesting and important exploration of the exploitation of Chinese workers by Western technology firms loses its way.


By Andrew Williams

Last week I wrote about apples so it seems appropriate this week to be talking about Apple.

The company has been in the news for many reasons lately, not least for the death of its figurehead Steve Jobs. Whether you think Jobs was a techno saint or a fast talker who got lucky, his reputation as an innovator seems assured.

aa-Mar31-iPad.JPGGadget shoppers queued for hours outside Curry's Digital in Cabot Place East this afternoon to get their hands on the new Apple iPad2.

The queue started forming around midday and those waiting were allocated reserve tickets as there were only around 85 in stock for the release and sold out at least an hour before they officially went on sale at 5pm.


He's a fan of the classic art of clock-making, and has a soft spot for the style of the dapper English gentleman.

Is Marcus Waterloo the sort of man you'd expect to be launching "apps" for the iPhone?