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1 - Ships, Clocks and Stars at the National Maritime Museum

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An exhibition at Greenwich's National Maritime Museum follows the race to determine longitude and help mariners navigate the oceans.

Ships, Clocks & Stars: The Quest for Longitude is on until January 4.


If you're sick of explaining the rules of the road to car drivers and you can't understand why people are shocked at the cost of your bike. Then you'll probably agree with these.


Grab your binoculars and peer out from your office window or just get pitch up early for a roadside spot.

The Tour de France is coming to east London and with it a host of top international cycling talent.


A shindig gearing up enthusiasm for the Tour de France's visit to east London has created a buzz encompassing more than the cycling spectacle.

Mark Slankard, chairman of the Limehouse Community Forum coordinating this Sunday's free Le Tour De Limehouse Festival, said the celebrations would also revive a tradition.


When cyclists taking on the Tour de France begin their challenge this Saturday, Westferry man Todd van Hees will be streets ahead.

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