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Political foes Jim Fitzpatrick and Tim Archer have united to urge voters to reject reforms to the electoral system next week.

On May 5, the country will be called to the ballot box to give their view on whether the Alternative Vote system should be adopted for the general election.


Travelling home from work recently, I reached Canary Wharf at 8pm. There were still large numbers of people passing through the station and the stop for buses to the Island was crowded.

This brings me to the Island Hoppa, a daytime circular service which has been running since September 2009.

By Tim Archer

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The election to decide who will be Tower Hamlets' first executive mayor is almost upon us. Voters go to the polls on October 21 to decide who should run the council and its £1billion a year budget.

For many it's been a bunch of politicians arguing amongst themselves.

By Tim Archer

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Given its size and unique geographical form, coupled with its proximity to the economic hub that is Canary Wharf, I've long campaigned for the Isle of Dogs to have its own full time police station.

It's what the vast majority of residents tell me they want.

AA-mar11-moorenew.jpgA sculpture by Henry Moore owned by Tower Hamlets Council is set to be moved to Canary Wharf.

"Draped Seated Woman", produced by the sculptor in 1957, is worth millions of pounds but has been on loan to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park since 1997.