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The Wharf has teamed up with MBNA Thames Clippers to offer readers the chance to win six months of free travel on the river.

The service offers Wharfers a commute to work on the fastest and most frequent fleet on the Thames, serving 19 piers across London and running with 20-minute frequency.


1 Tall Ships Festival

Greenwich will be awash will history and colour when the tall ships festival begins on Friday.


Thames Clippers has unveiled a new commercial partner, a new boat and new plans to accommodate thousands of extra passengers a year.

Credit card firm MBNA has come on board as a commercial partner meaning a new livery and technology for the existing fleet and the arrival of a cutting edge "fast craft" next year.


Smartphone ticketing has been introduced on Thames Clipper fleets throughout the capital.

The technology means commuters simply need to download the free app to their android or iPhone to be able to instantly buy tickets at any time.

Tips on beating the Tube strike

By Rob Virtue on February 4, 2014 4:43 PM |


The 48-hour Tube strike is happening - ACAS talks have broken down and Mayor Boris Johnson and Bob Crow are only talking via the medium of radio.

So, from 9.30pm on Tuesday night, Jubilee line trains will only run every five minutes and the Central line is missing out almost all of east London.