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Sitting at his desk in a Canary Wharf bank is a business analyst in emotional turmoil, on the verge of falling apart and isolated from everyone around him.

He has chronic post traumatic stress disorder. Because just a few weeks previously, Jake Wood was in Afghanistan, engaged in chaotic warfare and almost blown to pieces.


By Aidan Jones

The thud of helicopter blades cascades into the emergency room, followed by a bleary tannoy announcing the arrival of casualties.

Dozens of military medics move to their stations, aprons fastened over their uniforms.

TA.jpgIt might not seem the best time to put yourself in the firing line but that has not stopped the Territorial Army recruiting in Canary Wharf this week.

Soldiers from Nine platoon of the C (City of London) Fusiliers Company of the London Regiment were stationed in Jubilee Place mall today hoping to entice Wharfers to join up.