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Isle of Dogs residents will finally get a riverside walkway back, according to JP Morgan boss Jamie Dimon.

The office of the bank's chief executive and chairman called campaigner Prof Ed Berman to give him the good news.


The topping out ceremony at 25 Churchill Place earlier this month meant Canary Wharf Group had reached a milestone - the completion of its original masterplan.

But, as reported in The Wharf last week, Canary Wharf Contractors' executive director Cormac MacCrann, said there was still much more work to do over the coming years.


The topping out ceremony of Canary Wharf's newest construction marked the end of the original masterplan some 25 years ago.

Now the focus is on the future and in the next quarter century another huge transition will take place.

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A pathway through the construction site for the new JP Morgan building has been reopened after pressure from a community campaign.

Residents in Westferry urged Canary Wharf Group for the link to be re-established as the only alternative safe route is up to a mile longer.

canarywharf142.jpgSpeculation that JP Morgan will abandon its move to Canary Wharf because of the bonus tax is incorrect.

The future of the bank's Riverside South headquarters, currently under construction, was reported to be in doubt after a phone call last month between JP Morgan chief executive Jamie Dimon and Alistair Darling.

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