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An advert now labels the cable car a legacy item. "Thanks to the Games," it reads, "you can now fly across the Thames and see London in a whole new light." This is part of a series of adverts branded "Gift of the Games."

Now, one could quibble, if one were so minded, over the direct correlation of the Emirates Air Line and the Olympic Games.

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While the original Dome was much maligned it did mark the beginning of major private investment in the region.

Previously, the tongue of land had held another vast container - a gas holder believed to be the largest in the world on a massive gas works.


Frenchman P-Y Gerbeau was the man parachuted into the Dome at an early stage of its year as the Millennium Experience following a disappointing start.

P-Y, now chief executive of X-Leisure which owns West India Quay, arrived from EuroDisney and impressed with his management of the ill-fated project.

Prime Minister Tony Blair claimed it would be a "beacon to the world" but for many years Greenwich's Millennium Dome was a national embarrassment.

A decade has passed since one of the most recognisable landmarks in London opened.


As part of The Wharf's Dome Decade special, Wharf editor Giles Broadbent remembers his "once-in-lifetime revel in cloud cuckoo land" - as editor of the Daily Dome newspaper at the turn of the millennium