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The much anticipated arrival of the new restaurant at the Marriott West India Quay has finally come after it was officially launched last week.

Manhattan Grill is being billed as a classic steakhouse restaurant cooking its meat in a Montague broiler.


Firefighters are battling to free an injured motorist from a car in Aspen Way following a crash earlier this morning.

The collision, which happened at 8.32am near the Marriott West India Quay and the DLR, involved a motorcycle and a car.

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Last week's closure of UK flight paths following the Icelandic volcano drama has substantially hit both large and small businesses in Docklands.

No flights took off from London City for six days due to the ash cloud before they finally restarted last Thursday with a reduced service.


Who inspires London's concierge of the year?

It's not who you'd imagine.

In fact, it's probably the last person you'd imagine.


Wharf companies are being taught how to use the tactics of the US President to get ahead in business.

Author and speaker Rod Sloane is hosting an event at the Britannia International Hotel called How To Barack Obama Up Your Business Forum.

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