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He's a fan of the classic art of clock-making, and has a soft spot for the style of the dapper English gentleman.

Is Marcus Waterloo the sort of man you'd expect to be launching "apps" for the iPhone?


Movie fans are being offered a glimpse of the lusciously-shot Greek feature film Black Field, which is due to hit cinemas next year.

The controversial tale of the love between a nun and a Turkish warrior was directed by Vardis Marinakis and shot by Poplar cameraman Marcus Waterloo. Click below for the first trailer.


A CONTROVERSIAL love story between a nun and a Turkish warrior lured a Poplar cameraman to Greece this summer.

Poplar Dock resident Marcus Waterloo dropped his London life in March to spend five months shooting Black Field.

The feature film – which should be released early next year – tells the story of a soldier who flees into the forest accompanied by a nun with an interesting secret.

He said: “It’s not your average period drama. It’s already started some controversy in the church. It’s going to generate some interesting press.?