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Labour Leader Ed Miliband took part in talks to bring Lutfur Rahman back into the party, the High Court has heard.

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The High Court case looking into whether Lutfur Rahman's election as mayor of Tower Hamlets last year was lawful took a dramatic twist after he accused his political rival of racism.

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Mayor of Tower Hamlets Lutfur Rahman has claimed his former colleague who has given evidence against him has done so as part of a "vendetta".


A light was shone into Lutfur Rahman's Tower Hamlets First party after he said he did not believe it had a written constitution and admitted it had no official bank account.

The revelation prompted the court to ask the mayor, who was giving evidence at the Royal Courts of Justice to answer accusations of improper conduct at last year's election, to produce party documents.

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The Mayor of Tower Hamlets has been quizzed about his refusal to answer questions at a council meeting allegedly because it breached his human rights.