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Flybe has announced it is beginning operations at London City Airport later this year, launching a host of domestic and international routes.


Activists, residents and green campaigners are calling for the closure of London City Airport and its replacement with a sustainable neighbourhood.

They converged on The Crystal under the airport's flight path last week to launch a report by independent think-tank New Economics Foundation that makes the case that the airport's closure would make financial as well as environmental sense.


Staff at London City are celebrating after picking up a best airport prize at a top industry awards event.

The business was selected as the top airport with under 10 million passengers per year at a ceremony in Istanbul.

It's the most high profile TV advert event in the global calendar - the US Super Bowl - creating almost as much buzz as the game itself.

This year it was "Good To Be Bad" for east London as it set the pace for Jaguar.

Ben Kingsley, Tom Hiddleston and Mark Strong spearheaded the Brit brand with London City Airport, Queen's House, Greenwich, and the lights of Canary Wharf playing a key supporting role.


Demand from both business and leisure passengers is spurring an increase in fight frequency between London City Airport and the Isle of Man.

British Airways has announced it will triple week day journeys from March 30 from one a day to three.

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