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A historic meeting took place this week between those who suffered under the reign of Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi both in his African homeland and the UK.

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Victims of the IRA bomb in Canary Wharf are urging David Cameron to support Libya in tightening up security in the African country.

Its Prime Minister Ali Zeidan met with Mr Cameron in London this week to talk about issues including the training of soldiers and police, for which Libya is asking for help from the UK.

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Victims of the Canary Wharf bomb have been given hope after the Libyan Prime Minister attended this week's G8 Summit.

The Docklands Victims Association said Ali Zeidan's meeting with world leaders including David Cameron was a positive step in their push for long-awaited compensation over the 1996 blast at South Quay.


Victims of the Canary Wharf bomb received a boost in their campaign for compensation after Prime Minister David Cameron highlighted their plight during his visit to Libya this week.

The Canary Wharf bombing of 1996 was caused with Semtex supplied by the fallen dictator.


Conservative Party figurehead Lord Tebbit has thrown his weight behind a campaign for Libyan compensation for the Canary Wharf bomb attack of 16 years ago.

But he also expressed his concern that the issue was not high enough on David Cameron's list of priorities.

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