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The United Nations says it is "closely monitoring" the ongoing crisis in Libya, in a letter to the Docklands Victims Association.

It comes after the east London support group, set up in the wake of the 1996 Canary Wharf bombing, wrote to the UN of its concerns of the country, currently embroiled in civil war.

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United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon has been urged by the Docklands Victims Association to step in to protect the people of Libya.

The Middle East country is being plagued by ongoing violent conflicts between rival groups.


Victims from the 1996 Docklands bomb which killed two people have been given renewed hope for compensation.

Prime Minister David Cameron's security adviser Sir Kim Darroch is preparing to fly to Tripoli to open negotiations with Libya.

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A historic meeting took place this week between those who suffered under the reign of Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi both in his African homeland and the UK.

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Victims of the IRA bomb in Canary Wharf are urging David Cameron to support Libya in tightening up security in the African country.

Its Prime Minister Ali Zeidan met with Mr Cameron in London this week to talk about issues including the training of soldiers and police, for which Libya is asking for help from the UK.