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By John Biggs

Well, last week I stood for mayor of Tower Hamlets and I lost. I am quite a good loser (in politics you tend to get practice) but I am not convinced I was beaten totally fairly.

Many others are grumpy too. However, the other guy got more votes than me, so it's back to the day job at City Hall.

Jim Fitzpatrick142WEB.jpg

Labour MP Jim Fitzpatrick has labelled the Tower Hamlets election count an "utter shambles" and said he would make sure questions on what went wrong are answered.

The issues, widely criticised and culminating in the prolonged count at Bromley South, are currently part of an investigation by the Electoral Commission.



By Giles Broadbent

Racked by weariness and relief, the new Mayor of Tower Hamlets wept. He was hurt, he said, by accusation that he was racist, that he was a disciple of division.


Newham's Labour Party will not send a member to a hustings on Monday as it claims the event's organisers "deliberately misrepresent" it.

Anti-airport expansion group Hacan East and the Momentum Group, which links east London communities with sustainable business, are joint-hosting the meeting of major parties.



By Jim Fitzpartick

Whoever you are, one of your first and foremost concerns will be the roof over your head.

This is especially so for Londoners where the price of renting has gone through the roof and kept going.

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