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People are fed up living in a divided borough and are deeply concerned by a lack of public services.

That's what the mayoral candidates for Tower Hamlets say they are hearing on doorsteps a month before election day.

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Comedian Eddie Izzard joined the Tower Hamlets election trail last week to call on voters to come out in numbers to dilute the Ukip vote.



By Giles Broadbent

A curious rally recently in Stepney. Mayor Lutfur Rahman was mousily declaring "Panorama lies" to all who would listen, although he didn't seem bothered that no-one was.

For this wasn't a welcoming, come-one-come-all forum which politicians tend to hold at election time.


Comedian Eddie Izzard will be appearing in Tower Hamlets on Wednesday to help launch Labour's manifesto for the borough.

The outspoken supporter of the party will join mayoral candidate John Biggs and others standing in local and European elections.



By Lutfur Rahman

Labour mayoral candidate John Biggs' vacuous feel-good promises and sweeping criticisms that denigrate the achievements of our borough demonstrate just how unfit he is to lead Tower Hamlets.

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