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By Simon Hayes on July 6, 2010 11:37 AM |

Kylie Minogue, Aphrodite
Parlophone, £7

Enduring Aussie Pop Princess goes back to the future with her latest offering.

O2web.gifShows by Kylie and Sir Elton John helped The O2 establish itself as the world's most popular music venue in 2008.

The Greenwich arena sold 1,806,477 tickets to its shows last year, over half a million more than its nearest rival, New York's Madison Square Gardens.


KYLIE was in Canary Wharf this week, but don’t let it out of the bag.

Early-afternoon drinkers on West India Quay had a surprise on Monday when the pint-sized pop princess appeared right in front of them, alongside Gavin And Stacey stars Mathew Horne and James Corden.

Review: Kylie at The O2 arena

By Simon Hayes on July 31, 2008 1:06 PM |


EVERYONE loves Kylie, and now I know why.

The Kylie phenomenon is one of modern culture's more enduring enigmas - how she has made an, at best, modest talent stretch across more than two decades is anyone's guess, but there she was, strutting her stuff to an adoring audience at The O2 arena on Wednesday, July 30.

And, amazingly, it was great stuff she was strutting.

There was never much doubt the pint-sized popstrel would draw in the crowds, playing to a house packed with kiddies, camp men and a host of young(ish) mothers who presumably were her original audience two decades ago.