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by John Biggs

I have great respect for the achievements of Ken Livingstone, and was proud to have worked alongside him for eight years at City Hall.

His vision for London is, in my view, unmatched.


Politicians Ken Livingstone and George Galloway are believed to be heading to east London this week to throw their weight behind under fire Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman.



By Giles Broadbent

A curious rally recently in Stepney. Mayor Lutfur Rahman was mousily declaring "Panorama lies" to all who would listen, although he didn't seem bothered that no-one was.

For this wasn't a welcoming, come-one-come-all forum which politicians tend to hold at election time.


Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone has thrown his support behind the Labour candidate John Biggs in the Tower Hamlets mayoral election.

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Mayor Boris Johnson is celebrating his re-election but he can expect some heavy flak coming his way from London Assembly members throughout his next term.

The Conservative candidate edged past Labour's Ken Livingstone in last Friday's vote for the capital's top political post.