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By Jim Fitzpartick

Last week I had a minor op on my hand over at the Royal London. In between recovery and emailing one handed I've had the opportunity as an outpatient to think about our health service. I'm sure we all spare a thought for the NHS often when not a week goes by without a headline or story.



By Jim Fitzpartick

It's safe to say that if the country is in the midst of a housing crisis, we're bearing the brunt of it.

In Tower Hamlets the average home now costs almost £400,000, that's £228,000 more than the national average and 13 times the average pay in the borough.


Latest figures show homelessness in Tower Hamlets has rocketed 109% since 2010.

Poplar and Limehouse MP Jim Fitzpatrick has labelled the rise "a scandal". The figures from the House of Commons Library record the number of homeless in the borough going up from 156 to 326.

By Jim Fitzpatrick

jimELECT.JPGI know many families and communities are concerned about the impact of Fixed-Odds Betting Terminals (FOBTs) - gaming machines on which people can bet as much as £100 every 20 seconds - on our high streets.

Recently, the shadow frontbench called an Opposition Day debate on this in the House of Commons.

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A group of MPs have written to Boris Johnson urging for him to push ahead on a consultation on the proposed Thames bridge at Gallions Reach.

A consultation into river crossings earlier this year showed, as well as backing a tunnel at Silvertown, the public wanted a new bridge further east, rather than Transport for London's proposal of a new ferry in the region.

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