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Victims of the IRA bombing of South Quay have been given new hope of compensation from a contract signed by rebels in the current Libyan conflict.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council, met with victims' lawyer Jason McCue in Benghazi and agreed to a settlement if it can gain power over Colonel Gaddafi.


A victim of the IRA's devastating bomb at Canary Wharf has spoken of the importance of keeping the pressure on Libya to compensate victims.

At the weekend, the campaign took a huge step forward when Prime Minister Gordon Brown caved in to pressure and said he would back attempts to force Colonel Gaddafi to pay for IRA attacks.


A Survivor of the IRA's bombing of Canary Wharf is to head to Libya in the next few weeks to call on Colonel Gaddafi to give compensation.

Jonathan Ganesh is one of a group aiming to urge the Libyan leader to compensate UK victims, amid claims the country supplied the Irish terrorist group with weapons.