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anti-terror cards.jpg

Cards made by east London schoolchildren have been sent to the Israeli and Palestinian governments as part of a campaign to spread a global message of peace.


Extreme Rambling, by Mark Thomas
Ebury Press, £10.99

This one offers an in-depth take on the Israel/Palestine question packed with pomposity-pricking prose.


Through the crackles of a recalcitrant iPhone, political activist, satirist and comedian Mark Thomas speaks of optimism and depression.

In March last year he decided for "fun, curiosity and a love of rambling" to take his first trip to Israel with the aim of walking the 472 mile length of its controversial West Bank separation barrier.

ff-jul9-Finch.jpgBritain's top basketball stars are heading to back to their "spiritual home" next month as they look to build towards the 2012 Olympics.

NBA stars Luol Deng and Pops Mensah-Bonsu will be just two of the players turning out for Great Britain at the Four Nations tournament at The O2 between August 14-16.