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"When I go shopping, people say 'where's your bling, where's your cloak?'," chuckles darts' King of Charisma Bobby George.

"They all think I walk around like Superman - I say, 'I'm just in Tesco'.


1 Waterfront Festival in the Royal Docks

Music, fireworks and water sports will come to the Royal Docks in Newham on Saturday for a major festival.

Interview: Charlie Murphy

By Rob Virtue on September 26, 2012 9:32 AM |


Growing up in their family's Brooklyn home the young Murphy brothers - Eddie and Charlie - would both go on to entertain audiences with their comedy. But who was their inspiration in those formative years?

None other than the king of slapstick and the pursuer of busty blondes Benny Hill.


The O2 will be encouraging the sun to shine - or at least acting as if it is - with a celebration of all things Jamaican.

From July 24 through to the chillier reaches of October 22, the North Greenwich venue will be home to Jamaica Summer, featuring music, history and celebration.


Music and movies have taken equal billing in the Sundance London festival, which runs over the weekend, and an evening with festival founder Robert Redford and hypercool music maestro T Bone Burnett was the perfect confluence of the two art forms.

At his press conference, Redford had been keen to push both strands of the festival suggesting that a hybrid of the two was fast becoming the next generation of the artform.