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A historic meeting took place this week between those who suffered under the reign of Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi both in his African homeland and the UK.


Those affected by the Canary Wharf bomb of 18 years ago say they feel forgotten by the Government.


Victims of the IRA bomb in Canary Wharf have reacted angrily to reports that immunity had been promised to terrorist suspects.

It was believed up to 187 republicans were sent letters giving pardons. The news led to Northern Ireland's first minister Peter Robinson to threaten to resign after he claimed to be kept in the dark over the deal.


The mother of one of the men who were killed in the Docklands bomb has spoken out about the attack for the first time.

Hamida Bashir, whose son Inam died in the 1996 blast, urged for justice as members of the those seeking compensation for the terror attack met with Foreign Office officials to discuss their claim.


Friends and family of those killed in the IRA bombing of Canary Wharf gathered at the graveside of one of the victims to mark the 16th anniversary of the attack.

The memorial service took place just after Prime Minister David Cameron repeated his support for a campaign calling on compensation from Libya for providing Semtex used in the blast.