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Looking for somewhere to have a bit of ghoulish fun this Halloween? We've found the best Halloween events around east London and Canary Wharf.



by Angela Clarke

You have one week left to decide if you're going to dress up this Halloween. Doing the whole costume/party/drinking cocktails named Witches' Pee and Pumpkin Spiced Spew has really taken off.


By Tabitha Ronson

As a working mum I am forever beating myself up about not spending enough time with Master A. So last week I decided to take a couple of days off over the half-term holiday for some one-on-one time with my boy.

The day before our first adventure I received a frantic call from another working mum. Her childcare plans had gone pear-shaped and she needed someone to look after at least one of her three children. Could I help?


A dark gypsy opera being performed on the Cutty Sark aims to walk the line between music gig and immersive theatre.

The Wharf hunts ghosts at The Gun

By Jon Massey on October 23, 2012 1:16 PM |

Two representatives of the paper spent the night at The Gun in Docklands hunting the ghost of Lord Horatio Nelson ahead of Halloween

The Wharf The Wharf

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