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Shocking statistics pick out Tower Hamlets as the capital for hit and runs.

Figures released this week showed the east London borough at the top of the table for incidents where drivers have driven away from the scene of a crime, faring particularly bad in collisions where the victims were cyclists.



By Giles Broadbent

"Our greatest responsibility is to be good ancestors," said Jonas Salk, the polio vaccine pioneer.

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With policies such as shackling Tesco's rapid expansion in east London and aiming for 75% affordable and social housing on new developments, the Green Party is placing itself firmly on the left in Tower Hamlets.


Smog in London is a big reminder that action needs to be taken on both domestic and global levels, according to Green Party leader Natalie Bennett.

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It's enjoying rising passenger figures, flights to more destinations and looking forward to a bumper Olympics.

However, if mayoral candidate for the Green Party Jenny Jones gets her way London City Airport would be shut down to make way for vegetable patches.