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Canary Wharf College has been given the go-ahead to open the third arm of its school.

The Isle of Dogs establishment was one of 38 free schools approved by the Government's Secretary of State for Education this week, with 17 of these falling in the capital.



By Peter Golds

By the time you read this, nominations will have closed for the 2014 Tower Hamlets elections.

They are set to be among the most high profile in London with attention as to whether mayor Lutfur Rahman and any of his supporters are returned.


Eric Pickles has ordered an investigation into the financial management of Tower Hamlets Council.

The Communities Secretary is acting in response to allegations made by the BBC Panorama documentary broadcast earlier this week.



By Jim Fitzpartick

Last week I had a minor op on my hand over at the Royal London. In between recovery and emailing one handed I've had the opportunity as an outpatient to think about our health service. I'm sure we all spare a thought for the NHS often when not a week goes by without a headline or story.


Of all the Big Ideas bequeathed by the Blair government, the one that has intrigued foreign leaders more than most is his Delivery Unit, headed up by Sir Michael Barber in the early 2000s.

The idea that success is the mundane application of a handful of disciplines ("government by routine, not government by spasm") may not appeal to a politician's ego, the glossy brochure industry or the media but "it works", says Sir Michael.

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