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By Lutfur Rahman


Like most people, I was surprised by the scale of George Galloway's victory in the Bradford West by-election last week.

While the national media obsessed about "pasty-gate" and senior politicians played along, a grassroots democratic change was taking place in this northern town.


Jim Fitzpatrick said his success in winning the Poplar and Limehouse seat was down to hard work from him and his team.

The Labour MP fought off the rising popularity of Tory candidate Tim Archer and aggressive attacks from foe George Galloway to secure a surprisingly comfortable win in Thursday's general election.

Jim Fitzpatrick142WEB.jpgLabour's Jim Fitzpatrick has hung onto his Parliamentary seat and beat Respect's George Galloway into third in the process.

Mr Fitzpatrick polled 18,679 votes, while Conservative candidate Tim Archer came second with 12,649. Mr Galloway received 8,160 votes.


It was a political event with a fight, plenty of shouting and a biscuit to round the day off - it could only mean John Prescott was in town.

The Labour MP, who will stand down after next month's election, was visiting the party's offices by Chrisp Street Market as part of the campaign trail on Thursday morning.

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George Galloway waged a war on banks in Canary Wharf during a heated pre-election debate this week.

Respect's leader and candidate for Poplar and Limehouse said anti-social behaviour orders should be given to bankers and that business rates from the estate should go to the poorer areas of Tower Hamlets.

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