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By Giles Broadbent

You may believe that Tower Hamlets mayor Lutfur Rahman is right to challenge the Government's investigation into alleged financial malpractice at the Town Hall.



By Lutfur Rahman

Labour mayoral candidate John Biggs' vacuous feel-good promises and sweeping criticisms that denigrate the achievements of our borough demonstrate just how unfit he is to lead Tower Hamlets.

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Operational changes to the Isle of Dogs police station, which will see opening hours for visitors drastically reduced, have been defended by a senior officer who said the front counter was "greatly underused".

Police also say there will be an increase in officers based on the Island.


A row has broken out over the future of the Isle of Dogs' only police station - with an Independent councillor campaigning to save it while the Conservatives say its future is not even under threat.

Under London Mayor Boris Johnson's latest plans the station will act mainly as a response point but be open to the public three times a week.

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Boris Johnson's proposed cuts to emergency services has been condemned by Tower Hamlets in a full council meeting.