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A historic meeting took place this week between those who suffered under the reign of Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi both in his African homeland and the UK.


Victims of the Canary Wharf bomb received a boost in their campaign for compensation after Prime Minister David Cameron highlighted their plight during his visit to Libya this week.

The Canary Wharf bombing of 1996 was caused with Semtex supplied by the fallen dictator.


Victims of the 1996 bombing of South Quay have spoken out in support of the Libyan rebels' invasion of Tripoli.

The support team for those injured in the IRA explosion had previously visited Benghazi - the headquarters of the rebels - to show their support for the group opposed to Colonel Gaddafi's regime.


Victims of the Docklands bomb are celebrating after Colonel Gaddafi's government lost its London embassy this week.

Those injured in the 1996 attack have been campaigning against Gaddafi's Libyan regime for supplying semtex to the IRA in the blast at South Quay.


Victims of the IRA bombing of South Quay have been given new hope of compensation from a contract signed by rebels in the current Libyan conflict.

Mustafa Abdul Jalil, chairman of the National Transitional Council, met with victims' lawyer Jason McCue in Benghazi and agreed to a settlement if it can gain power over Colonel Gaddafi.