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Shadow chancellor Ed Balls came to Canary Wharf today to outline why a Labour government would target rich pensioners by cutting winter fuel payments.

Speaking at Thomson Reuters, Mr Balls said that 600,000 over 61 who paid higher and top rates of income tax would lose their allowance, saving £100million a year.

By Jim Fitzpatrick


Tower Hamlets' churches gathered last Friday to celebrate social initiatives in the borough. Street Pastors, Tower Hamlets Foodbank and the Night Shelter could all be described as Big Society items but these initiatives pre-dated the Coalition and were not designed to replace gaps in services caused by cutting public spending too fast, too deep.

cleggWEB.jpgDeputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg criticised David Cameron at the launch of his campaign for the alternative vote system in Canary Wharf.

Mr Clegg was at the East Wintergarden on Saturday morning to address the Liberal Democrats' London region spring conference at the East Wintergarden, and urged party members to get behind the voting reform.


By Andrew Williams
It's not often that the Government changes its mind on a major policy just weeks after it has been announced.

Whether red or blue, the track record has been for the fight to be long and protracted, before the controversial measure is either pushed through or quietly dropped.

By Jim Fitzpatrick

Jim Fitzpatrick142WEB.jpg

It's easy to get hold of a phrase such as "anti-social behaviour" and trot it out without stopping to think about it much.

But it's not a bad idea to consider what anti-social behaviour means in practice. It's not being able to open your window when it's 30C outside, because "problem" families are screaming their heads off.