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★ Flavour Spy | The Alchemist

City newcomer The Alchemist is found in a street round the back of the Gherkin. But despite its neon name shining out from 6 Bevis Marks, its discovery is too tricky for a worried sweaty specimen who pleads for help not 200 yards away.



By Giles Broadbent

Unless you have wealth, webbing or feathers, there is little glamour left in air travel.

The humiliation of the consumer is one that no other service would demand save perhaps Apple with an iOS upgrade or the NHS and its proctology (with whom, tellingly, air travel has a weird kinship).


Canary Wharf Group has announced it has helped to generate over £1billion of business for local companies since 1997.

More than 1,700 firms have benefited from CWG's business support initiatives and ventures.



Cinnamon Kitchen
The City

This place, nestled away towards the back of one of those odd covered galleria spaces architects thought would be essential in the early noughties, looks and feels like a typical City money pump.



The Sign Of The Don

I really want to like The Sign Of The Don. From its barrel stave interiors to its Port heritage cellars it's a place that should be thick with atmosphere; a tale of times past wrought of oak and memory.