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By John Biggs

Well, last week I stood for mayor of Tower Hamlets and I lost. I am quite a good loser (in politics you tend to get practice) but I am not convinced I was beaten totally fairly.

Many others are grumpy too. However, the other guy got more votes than me, so it's back to the day job at City Hall.


Mayor Boris Johnson has approved plans for a 3,500 home development at Deptford.


By Giles Broadbent

It's Eyes Left as Bill de Blasio takes up residence in New York City Hall with the promise of the kind of new socialism that Labour's Ed Miliband has been test-driving.

Combining tax-the-rich rhetoric with redistributive zeal, De Blasio, a former aide to the last Democrat Mayor (David Dinkins), arrived from nowhere in the 2013 primaries to take the most important municipal post in the US on the promise of aggressive remedies to close the "affordability gap".

By John Biggs

johnbiggs142WEBBY.jpgAt City Hall, we held a crucial meeting about rents in London - and the ability of councils to use planning powers to decide what they think is an "affordable rent".

You will understand its importance given the crisis of affordability in London. And it will help to determine just who can live in our city, and different parts of it.


By Tabitha Ronson

Well, didn't we do well. The last few days, The Diamond Jubilee celebrations, have seen the British public at its very best.

With true Bulldog spirit, we have braved the predictably unpredictable British weather, out in force, waving our flags in celebration of a remarkable individual.