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A budget hotel for Canary Wharf will be completed by the end of the year. The 130-bedroom Tune Hotel is being billed as low cost and should be up and running near West India Quay by November.


Exploratory archaeological studies have taken place near West India Quay ahead of construction of a 132-bed hotel.

FoodOwl.JPGHarnessing the healing powers of good food is fundamental to good health, nutritional therapist Lucy Grainge tells me as I arrive at her Cannon Workshops clinic.

Grainge, aka The Food Owl, is keen to help Wharfers ditch wilted sandwiches, scoffed in front of a mountain of emails for more nutritious options that aim to alleviate stress, fatigue and digestive problems.


Like countless other employees at recession-struck businesses, Citybunker worker Rita Asmanskaja was unaware that the end was near.

Just days before the Cannon Workshops golf bar was padlocked by bailiffs, the front of house worker was arranging events for Valentine's Day.


Citybunker has become the latest venue to close its doors during the downturn.

Baliffs marched into the Cannon Workshops bar and padlocked the doors after operator Kar Ventures defaulted on rent payments.