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00jul24boris4.jpgLong-awaited new river crossings in east London moved closer after the Government pledged to work with Boris Johnson on exploring options including a tunnel linking North Greenwich and Silvertown.

The Mayor hailed Chancellor George Osborne's pledge yesterday to invest billions in London's infrastructure as "great news".

00jul17transport1.JPGThe Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has confirmed a seven per cent rise in fares across London transport from next January.

The rise, which comes into effect on January 2, will see average pay as you go Oyster fares in Zone 1 go up by 10p to £2, while bus fares rise to £1.40.

KulverRanger142.JPGBoris bikes will hit the streets of east London at the end of next year, with Canary Wharf just one of the places welcoming them.

The Wharf spoke to Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor's transport adviser, about why the scheme's extension east, as well as other issue affecting the area.

aa-sep23-bike2.JPGCanary Wharf is to be included in the expansion of Boris Johnson's Barclays cycle hire scheme.

As exclusively revealed in The Wharf on September 23, Canary Wharf will have bikes and docking stations available by the start of 2012. Docking stations will be built in Bethnal Green, Bow, Mile End and Poplar, as well as Canary Wharf. The scheme will also extend to north Shoreditch.

aa-sep23-bike2.JPGBoris bikes could be seen in Canary Wharf by the start of 2012.

The Mayor of London's cycle hire scheme, sponsored by Barclays, was introduced at the end of July. It only stretches as far as Wapping and Whitechapel to the east, but that is all set to change by the end of next year.

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