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London Mayor Boris Johnson has hung around with some VIPs in recent days but at the weekend he hit new heights when he shared his second favourite mode of transport with Hollywood legend and former California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.


Danny DeVito does not occupy much cubic footage. But the star has a fidgety energy that belies his frame and a New Joisey accent that parts crowds like a chainsaw.

Currently, DeVito is adding Willie Clark from Neil Simon's The Sunshine Boys to his roster of irascible, embittered blowhards, a list which includes Matilda's Mr Wormwood and Louie in Taxi.


As Sarah Connor, Linda Hamilton wouldn't dream of giving up, even if a fiery-eyed Terminator was chasing her out of the wreckage of a tanker with her car keys and her left leg in its hand.

But with a fourth movie on the way, Linda the actress thinks it might be time to send the franchise to the scrapyard after 25 years.