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Sitting at his desk in a Canary Wharf bank is a business analyst in emotional turmoil, on the verge of falling apart and isolated from everyone around him.

He has chronic post traumatic stress disorder. Because just a few weeks previously, Jake Wood was in Afghanistan, engaged in chaotic warfare and almost blown to pieces.


Blood And Gifts
National Theatre

JT Rogers' compelling play tells an important story about the minefields of Afghanistan.

aa-jan14-hamer2.jpgTributes have been paid to Sunday Mirror journalist Rupert Hamer who was killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan on Saturday morning.

Rupert died when the vehicle he was travelling in with American troops in south Afghanistan was hit by an improvised explosive device. Sunday Mirror photographer Phil Coburn was seriously wounded in the same incident.

He might be the Prime Minister-in-waiting but political ambition has not stopped David Cameron coming up with an idea to make life a little better for soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Conservative Party leader was at The O2 yesterday to launch his Tickets for Troops initiative.

AA-oct22-Jenkins1.jpgKatherine Jenkins heads back to The O2 next year and it's fair to say she's excited about it.

The Welsh mezzo-soprano brings her first solo tour to the arena on March 13, coming back to the venue she played last year with ballerina Darcy Bussel in the Viva La Diva show.