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By Peter Golds


If anybody had doubts as to the enthusiasm for London 2012, then the numbers that have gathered to watch the torch all over the country will have stopped this.

The torch officially arrived by helicopter, landing outside the Tower of London on the Friday before opening.


It's pouring down. We're sheltering in a food and drink concession in the shadow of the Orbit. The canvas roof is pounding with rain that puddles at our feet.

Tricky climate then for Andrew Altman to paint a picture of what's to come. Still, he gives it a go.


THINGS are going swimmingly for the organisers of the London Olympics.

In fact, they are going so well building work has begun two months early on the aquatic centre, the £303million flagship venue of the 2012 Olympic Park.

HUNDREDS of lorry journeys a week should be avoided thanks to a new device giving barges access to the Olympic site for 2012 Games construction.

A fishbelly gate was delivered to Prescott’s Lock, part of the Bow Back Rivers on the edge of the 2012 Games area, on March 17. The gate, which gets its name from its distinctive shape, will
control the flow of water through the lock at the site above Three Mills.

It will create a green gateway for barges entering the Olympic Park as construction work on the 2012 venues is stepped up later this year, helping to stop east London roads being clogged up
by trucks.