Jim Fitzpatrick: Social media plays its part



by Jim Fitzpartick

September 7 sees the Annual Memorial Service in the park at Tower Hill to remember seafarers who were killed in the war defending, protecting and supplying us against the U-boat blockade during the Second World War.

It's sobering to think of activities running contemporaneously on conflicts past and present.

Have you yet seen the amazing installation at the Tower of London?

Blood Swept Lands And Seas of Red, created by ceramics artist Paul Cummins is a most extraordinary, moving and sadly beautiful creation.

Some 888,246 ceramic poppies fill the Tower's moat, each one representing a British military fatality during the First World War.

This way of reminding people of the sheer scale of loss of lives permeated Twitter and websites such as Buzzfeed providing a new, social media-type visual remembrance via a poppies graphic of the 888,246.

While the ceramic poppies fill your view at a glance, this virtual display is so long that you would have to scroll down your phone for a very long time to reach the end.

It's good that social media can play its part in remembrances of this kind.

■ Parliament is back this week, although my "recess" has been busy, as usual - lots of contact from constituents on Gaza, a number of weddings at the invitation of constituents, along with plenty of other local events.

I personally have a Bill today on banning wild animals in circuses.

■ Jim Fitzpatrick is MP for Poplar and Limehouse