Blonde's Eye View: Why I won't be doing an ice bucket challenge

By Rob Virtue on September 1, 2014 10:00 AM |



by Angela Clarke

This is a column I hope will be out of date by the time it's published: it's about the Ice Bucket Challenge.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (for anyone who's been in North Korea) is an internet phenomenon that's seen celebs and plebs nominate each other to pour icy water over their own heads, to raise awareness of the degenerative motor neurone disease, otherwise known as amyotrophic lateral sclerosi.

At the time of going to press the ALS Association have received a whopping $94.3 million in donations.

I'm thrilled the charity's had so many donations, but I hate the craze for naming people to do stuff online.

Whether it's neknominate (idiots goading each other to drink obscene amounts of alcohol), or the Cancer Research No Make Up Selfies, I feel forcing people to comply with public nominations is like sending the world's worst chain letter.

"If you don't forward this you're robbing a charity. You're literally killing people. We'll tell everyone. Even your mum. Seriously, you'll die alone under a scratchy blanket of guilt!"

There's more ice on my Facebook feed than there is left in the Arctic. There's more water than there is clean sanitation in half the world. It's an impromptu wet t-shirt competition where you're lining up against superstars. Please, I don't want to see the moobs of a lad I went to school with 20 years ago.

Let all this be over soon. Above everything else it's boring. Like watching people dry. I donate to charity discretely. You should try it: it's truly refreshing.

Angela has donated her fee for this column to ALS. She will not be going anywhere near an ice bucket unless it has a bottle of Prosecco in it.

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